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When stressed about life - find distractions.

And that was the theme of the weekend, truly.

After the amazing stress of finding an apartment to live in, Lolita and I decided to turn the July 4th weekend into Star Wars fest. She hadn't seen Episode 3 yet, nor had she ever seen 1 or 2. Blockbuster helped fix that, as we settled down to watch two movies.

We knocked off the first one on Friday night, the day I found the apartment. The second time viewing the movie was much better than my first. I allowed myself to be more open minded this time - not to be wedded to the hard-line principles of the original trilogy, and instead watch the movie with the same mindset as I first watched Star Wars oh so many years ago. Yeah, Jar Jar is annoying, but the scene in which he sticks his tongue into the power streams of the pod racer, and thus turning into a slapstick as he tries to talk with numb tongue (Bill Cosby's Himself dentist scene, anyone?) - it was just the laugh I needed.

After the stressful and yet fun Saturday which included buying a bed (aaahhhh!!!!) and a nice relaxing BBQ, sleep was nice.

Sunday brought us to the second movie. Yoda kicking ass is a scene I can watch dozens of times.

Finally, yesterday we went off to Union Square to watch the 3rd movie in full digital splendor. Much better than the first time I saw it, especially since I wasn't in the third row this time, thus no neck pains. Great stuff.

Yes, I like the new trilogy. Yes, I still call them Star Wars, and consider them a part of the overall mythos. I imagine some of you will disown me now. :-P

Finally, fireworks on the lower end of the FDR drive. Magnificant. Thank you to my copatriots who waited out the 2 and a half hours for the show. (20 more minutes to fireworks...) (sorry, private joke.) My only regret is that we didn't think to invite more people. The location was superb - next year, bring more people! (Note to self.)

Happy post 4th. Enjoy the short work week, everyone.

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