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Happy Monday

It was a nice event filled weekend.

Friday during the day found lovely smoke-break antics involving regyt and ayalanya. Thank you for the chocolate orgasm in a cup! YUM!

Yankee game on Friday night with sirkenandsubg - two names, one LJ tag! Woo-hoo for efficiency! It was a blast spending some quality time with them.

Saturday day brought moving boxes graciously donated by catelynn  and volund. Thank you!

Saturday night brought me to the Cinekink best-of in the East Village. And I saw bears! thornyc, danbearnyc, bearbait, oh my! Nice getting to know you time with another friend afterwards at one of my favorite restaurants in all of NYC, Veselka.

Sunday morn was yummy dim sum! badfaggot, rogueboi, lonewolf_w_cub, and bemoreshameless all made the journey to Chinatown with me for delicious brunch, followed by nice conversation in the park by City Hall. Good schtuff. Yay for friendship. Additional inside-humour: Table for 5, dining for 8!

Finally, badfaggot came over to help me deal with the packing of my apartment. Thank you for handling my stress and numbness as I watched so many of my precious possessions be boxed up for parts unknown. Matt is one of the most greatest creatures on the planet, and contrary to general rumor, he is a VERY good boy.

Before we were done, njlexi dropped by for a support visit. Quickly and constantly poured water and yummy Thai food made a packing experience much easier to swallow. Massages for all sure didn't hurt, either.

Hrm - productivity, fun and social levels went up. Room score went way down. Hee.


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