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Keith Alexander and the passing of a guard.

I was saddened to learn this morning about the death of Keith Alexander. He passed away yesterday in a biking accident.

Keith had a very strong personality... many loved him and respected him, and others thought otherwise. I know my own biological family had bad experiences with him, while my leather family had amazing experiences. I suppose that is the human way.

One thing that must be said is he contributed a great deal to the Modern Primitive movement. His efforts and outreach brought education, understanding and tolerance to many people.

The leather community in NYC knew him well. Crossing sexuality lines, he taught for any group in NYC that wanted him, no matter the sexual orientation of the group. He was an open-minded spirit, welcoming to all.  I had the opportunity to sit in several of his classes, during a phase of my life where the mere sight of blood would send me running for the lavatory. Despite my run, I always came back to my seat. He was a great speaker.

Life these days looks like a book to me. Many chapters are closing, many new chapters are beginning. Having been in the scene for 10 years, I feel like I am seeing a passing of the guard. For example - TES. I feel like I have watched three generations enter and leave TES. They come, become a real integral part of the social atmosphere, and then drift off for their own various reasons. This first generation that I met when I first entered the hallowed doors of 24 Bond St. are slowly drifting. People like Keith passing away.

It amazes me to think that a lot of people at TES today probably wouldn't even recognize his name. And how/why would they? He dropped out of the piercing scene, taking on new adventures and professional avenues. My mind struggles to remember when the last time he appeared at TES was. But, people like Keith are important to remember. They were around, and their impact was felt.

Here are some websites to learn a little more about him.


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