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This weekend lolitasir, eisa, brjulia, and I headed to the wilds of upstate NY for APEX's annual Summerbash event. It was a fabulous time, with only 50 people attending, allowing for a nice intimate affair. Only one class happening at a time, with charming rings of a bell before everything. And we got to spend time with glowroper! Great schtuff.

An amusing anedote from our return trip. We are on line in a gas station on the Palisades, the last station in NJ before NYC. Some guy knocks on our window...

"Hey, uh, I'm sorry to bother you, but my buddies and I are on our way back from Mohegan Sun, and we lost everything. Can you help us out? We need $8 to get back into NYC for tolls and gas."

We of course said no. You fucking loser! You gambled ALL your money away, and you expect us to bail you out? Geez, know when to quit, dipshit.

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