Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,

Music to your soul...

I'm sitting here killing the last hour at work, burning CDs I left at work onto the hard drive of my new laptop. Some of these CDs I brought into work years ago, and they have just been sitting there, collecting dirt. And as I dig them out, I play them... and suddenly my instinct is to go to a particular song on the album.

Well, I just sat back and examined which songs struck me so deep... and... well... see if you see a pattern...

Nitzer Ebb - Showtime - Track 6 - Lightning Man
Where the chorus screams... "Baby, come to Daddy... Daddy, come to baby..."

Die Warzau - Engine - Track 11 - Allgoodgirls
A song all about Daddy singing his daughter a lullaby, possibly after sexually using her... singing, All good girls go to heaven...

And people wonder why I play Daddy in scene roles. Its so deep inside me, its frightening.

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