Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,

Strapping on in for the ride

Ah, the rollercoaster of my life. Looks like its off again to another fine adventure.

Today was going so smoothly, too. Nice day at work. Chatting with friends throughout the day. Making plans to see people. All good.

Went to go see Hairspray with Lolita. Great show, and Bruce Villanch steals the stage.

Then comes intermission, and the news. My mother is being admitted in the hospital... again.

She has been running a fever for the past two days, sometimes as high as 104. Shivering, always cold, not good. So, into the doctor's today. We find that her blood pressue dropped dramatically... 60 over something, according to my father (his memory isn't so good.) Once they got the IV in her it rebounded, thankfully. Tomorrow they do tests to figure out what the hell is happening.

Back to the show, because what else was I gonna do? Second act better than the first, then the nice ending. After all the applause died down, Bruce Villanch shut us all up, gave us a few more zingers, and then gave an empassioned speach over the importance of New Orleans to the artist community. They then asked for everyone to contribute some money in the buckets waiting for us on the way out, with the quote "if everyone here gives a dollar, that's $1,500." It turns out all of Broadway is doing this.

Yet another example of why I have always loved theatre and the people drawn to it. I have always found that community to be leaps ahead in terms of ethics and care for the world, compared to the rest of the entertainment industry. I'll never stop going, if only for that reason.

Tomorrow will be another day. Hopefully my mother will be out soon. Back to work.

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