Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,

Trust... and the ramifications of betrayel

There is a large amount of drama happening right now involving people who are my friends... and people who I now question. A private conversation was posted semi-pubically on someone's journal. I saw this post. It involved friends of mine. And it aired stuff that I had never known, nor should I have.

I knew this conversation was supposed to be private. It was made public. That was the first mistake.

The poster of said conversation violated common decency rules. You just don't post a private conversation publically. No matter how bad your life is... no matter how much of a bitch you think you are, it does NOT give you the right to air private things publically.

What did I learn from this? I learned that I need to be much more careful as to what I say to this person. Because I cannot trust her anymore. Because lord knows, months, years from now... she might be having another bad day... feeling a little off... and it MY SHIT thats aired publically.

I cannot trust this person anymore. And thats a damn shame. Because I really felt close to this person. Now... well... trust is a really big thing to lose. And I'm really going to miss it.

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