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Back from Inferno

Too tired to actually post a real post, so I'll give some bullet-points.

- Drove 1,700 miles between Saturday and today. The most I have ever driven, and I enjoyed 99% of it.

- badfaggot is an amazing navigator, a terrific classmate, and an even better friend. I couldn't think of a better person to share this adventure with.

- I had 6 scenes, 5 of them involving people I never played with before.

- I topped in 5, and bottomed in one.

- One man I played with marveled how my canes caused contant vibrations running through his body. We will definetely play again.

- I took someone's singletail cherry. We did it once, and he wasn't sure if he liked it. So, we did it again. I think he likes it. (I'll let him reveal himself if he wants, but, I will say here that I am overjoyed to have another good friend.)

- Comments only a precious few will understand - Get out! Smoking kills. Simple green and Off are the shit.

- The scene I bottomed to was incredibly bizarre and hot, involving mostly tickling, bare chest wrestling, and pressure points. The man I bottomed to is Hanna Barberra meets Satan. When he whispered in my ear how happy he was that I came to Inferno, I melted and wanted to cry. It made me feel welcome like nothing else.

- I played with his partner as well (see caning above.) That man is Chinese Food.

- Another man I topped is a local to me, thus more fun will be had. He growled like a dog and laughed like a kid while I used floggers, singletails, whiskers, knives and canes on his chest, all in the center stage. Hot hot hot.

- We were interupted by a run-away barrel that crashed into our space. We thought it was empty, until we heard a voice faintly say from within - "Ow." In a British accent no less. We all laughed our bloody heads off.

- My last scene was not a scene. It was a drug implant and a reckoning all rolled up into one. It was the only scene I had planned before the event, and the second time we shared this journey together. It can now be officially stated that qnetter is the new benchmark for my sadism.

- Dear gods did I love that last scene. The power in that room was incredible.

- I felt at home amongst a brotherhood. I am proud to be a part of Inferno Class of 34.


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Sep. 16th, 2005 02:34 am (UTC)
I'm glad you had a good time.

Can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks!!!
Sep. 16th, 2005 02:56 am (UTC)
*cackle* It's his turn in the barrel *cackle*

This is funnier than you will ever know due to it setting off a cascade of internal referents.
Sep. 16th, 2005 03:45 am (UTC)
Sounds like you had a marvelous time!!!! Glad to hear it. :-)
Sep. 16th, 2005 04:04 am (UTC)
"Chinese food," as in, "an hour later and...?"
Sep. 16th, 2005 04:39 am (UTC)
Delicious! Yay for you.
Sep. 16th, 2005 07:47 am (UTC)
Words of Love
Did you know that Smoking can kill you?
Sep. 16th, 2005 09:01 am (UTC)
I am so goddamned jealous that I'm smacking myself hoping to change my chromosomes, even if temporary, to be able to go to Inferno ONCE in my blessed life. The agony.....

I am really glad you had a great time -- you are most deserving of it :-)
Sep. 16th, 2005 11:04 am (UTC)

I love these things. I'm glad you had such a great time, Sir.
Sep. 16th, 2005 11:38 am (UTC)
- you so needed this

- I'm so glad you had a wonderful time.

- I saw ,lj user="badfaggot'> picture of your new "benchmark". It made me shudder.

- Welcome home

-Drive safe to Boston

-Hope we can catch up soon.
Sep. 16th, 2005 01:37 pm (UTC)
Sep. 16th, 2005 04:10 pm (UTC)
*I am so flippn' happy for you....*amazing...*yea...*goodness...*golly...*

Sep. 17th, 2005 01:46 pm (UTC)
And I was just thinking, I still have a singletail cherry, too!
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