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Putting on them cement shoes.

Whew! Came back from North Carolina late last night after a weekend teaching at CAPEX. Great time, great people. My classes both went well - I really love teaching my Surviving Corporal 101 class. Everytime I do, I am invigorated. It's a nice feeling to be sharing information that other people really appreciate.

I was a lucky boy, getting to spend time with kendell, naesa, redwitch, and the girl who was reintroduced to my life this year after a long, long, LONG absense, feyrieprincess.

Had 3 "formal" scenes, with lots of play scattered about throughout. YAY!

Also had the joy of meeting someone who was at her first ever SM anything. I'm glad I could help welcome her to the community, and I think she managed to make the beginning connections that will turn into friendships down in Charlotte. First meeting, first play party. Now she can add to the list that she has had her first flogging, her first singletailing, first caning...


And now, NO MORE TRAVEL!!!! YAY!!!!!!!

Er. For now, anyway.

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