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I do love NYC... and my sis!

You may have dramatic lighting
Or lots of horrid fighting
You may even have some white men sing the blues
Your knights may be nice boys
But sadly we're all goys
And that noise you call singing you must lose.
So despite the pretty lights
Naughty girls in nasty tights
And the most impressive scenery you use
You may have dancing mano e mano
You may bring on a piano
But they will not give a damn-o
If you don't have any Jews

What a fabulous evening. My amazing sis, lolitasir, took me out tonight to see:

It rocked! Rocked rocked rocked!

Special thank you's go out to evila and brjulia. I'm sorry you weren't there.

It's been a great few months for theatre! I saw:

Putnam County Spelling Bee
and now Spamalot!

Hee! I'm a lucky boy!

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