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Who knew it can be so joyous?

For the past 3 days, I've been in "buying a new car" hell. To make a long story short without revealing any true details... we have recently been handed the opportunity to buy a new car. So, a shopping my parents and I went.

I quickly learned that most of the stereotypes of a new car salesman are basically correct. They were pushy, obnoxious, and continuously trying to rush us into the situation. It took all my self control to make sure patience and due process were taken, along with me avoiding car jacking one of their shiny new cars and plunging it up their asses. (The more I think of that option, the more entertaining it is... what can I say, I'm easily amused.)

After many frustrations, many changes in plans, and a whole lot of cigarettes... the deal was signed. A new car was ours. Of course, we didn't actually see it then. We held the license plates, the registration and inspection stickers... but no car just yet. We hopped into a jeep with the salesman and drove down to the Brooklyn storage lot where all the shiny new cars were.

We waited outside for about 10 more minutes (have I mentioned that yesterday we spent 6 hours at the dealership, and at least 4-5 today?). After I put out (another) cigarette, here came the dealer driving this beautiful, amazingly grandiose 2002 Honda Odyssey. A gleaming silver in the light of the just beginning sunset. And that is when I first new the love of a new car.

We've never owned a new car... at least not while I've been alive. It has always been used cars. For a while, when things were really bad, we were quite literally going through 5-6 cars a year, buying these scraps of metal called cars from a guy for 2, 3 hundred bucks, driving it til it died, getting paid $35 by the junkyard, and starting the process all over again.

Well, no more. I even got to do the inaugural drive in the van. Oh my fucking god. It was wonderful... it was beautiful. I never knew what this felt like, driving a new car. The closest I've ever gotten was rental cars. This... this was heavenly.

Its sitting outside in our parking lot now. I go outside on our terrace every 10 minutes or so to gaze at it... in shock that we actually own it. I chuckled when the huge fireworks display at 5 minutes away Coney Island set off the alarm (alarm! We never had a car with an alarm!) The car rocks.

I'm happy. :-)

PS - Please do not take the above as bragging... for that is certainly not my intention. I really needed to share this emotion.

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