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OCD Reports

I'm gonna start up a new on-going feature here in the land of Boymeat. Every now and then, I display some OCD tendencies. This usually comes out in the form of collecting (find one item in a grouping, like it, and then obsessively need to own them all,) and in terms of music.

Sometimes I am struck by a song. It might be the beauty, the relevance of the lyrics in my life, the rythym, the beat. Something in it speaks to me deeply, and I replay it. And then again. And again. And suddenly, I find myself obsessively listening to this same song for a day, two days, sometimes a week.

It's rather frightening sometimes.

Anyway, I am going to share with you all what songs get trapped within me and get repeated ad nausea. I'll give you the artist, with a link, and the song, with a link to the lyrics. But, I won't tell you the significance as to why I am replaying it. That you'll have to figure out for yourself. A little game, perhaps.

Last week, from Thursday through Saturday, I was stuck on the title track from Susanne Vega's album entitled 99.9 F.

And since yesterday, I must have listened to The Dresden Dolls' The Perfect Fit maybe 20 times. And I don't see the trend ending soon.

(both of these songs and albums were added to my life by eisa - thanks for adding to my OCD tendencies, luv.)

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