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Burning out

I've been really quiet here. It's because I'm burnt out.

Work has been crazy busy, and I feel like I am shouldering a lot of it myself.

The search for an apartment is downright depressing. That combined with living in another country is killing me.

I've had an agent call me twice this week to offer me an apartment in my old building. His first price was $500 more than I can afford. His adjusted offer today is $295 more than I can afford. And everytime I say, I just can't afford that, he insists that I go look at the apartment.

I want to reach into the phone and strangle him. Why do you insist on consistently dangling an apartment that you know I want desperately in front of me when you know there isn't a chance I can afford it? Why would I look it? So you can watch me cry in despair over how happy I would be there and how there isn't a chance in hell that I can actually live there? Are you that sadistic? ARGH!

He sucks.

I'm tired. I want to stop. My shoulders ache. I want a new job, and a new apartment, and I want it to all magically appear. It won't of course. And lord knows I am trying to get them.

At what point do I call it quits and just take an apartment that I know I won't be that happy in, but definetely can afford?

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