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Adult disclaimers

Today I was procrastinating... achem... doing, er... online research... when I ran into this following disclaimer (no, it wasn't for a porn site, it was for a humor site, you sicko.) Anyway, the disclaimer:

WARNING! This is an adult-oriented feature. It contains frank discussions of a sexual nature. If you are under 18, you cannot read this article. It will rot your brain and cause you to have a rubber fetish when you grow up. Remember, kids: sex is bad and should only be discussed late at night in a darkened room, or between consenting heterosexual adults who have been married for twelve years or more. Learn to become deeply ashamed of your body, and repress the wonder of your sexuality.

If you are over 18 and are not offended by adult content, then you are a disgusting pervert who has probably been arrested for various sex crimes while visiting Holland. We're tracking your presence on this page and later we will blackmail you by threatening to send this information to your local pastor or rabbi.


The above can be found here.

Now, I thought that was just histerical. Which made me think... there must be other gems hidden out there on the great wide web of mystery. So, if you have a personal fave, let's hear it! Er... see it. Um... yeah.

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