Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,

Rock City longing?

I've spent a good portion of my day today avoiding work, and instead soaking up all I can about Burning Man. First, I fluttered from camp site to camp site, looking at picture galleries, trying to take in the imagery. While appeasing to my eyes, none of the images really meant anything to me, so I was not affected by any of it, except in a "my that's pleasant looking" way.

Then I read Catling's journal. And holy shit, I began to get it. I was practically moved to tears reading the power and emotion that came through her journal. The amount of experience that was lived in such a short amount of time made me look at my what I thought exciting existence, and wonder if I knew what life was truly about. Now suddenly I get what all my NY friends were talking about... why for the past 3 years they have not stopped trying to convice me to attend.

After Catling's journal... I explored the web once again. But this time, I gravitated towards actual accounts of experiences. I read up on the Burning Man livejournal community, and read first timers experiences, and tried to envision the images they described in words. I then revisited the photos... and I am experiencing huge regret that I will never see the Temple of Joy in person. How I wish I could have seen it... experience it. I have a few names I would have liked to add to it...

Suddenly, I get Burning Man. Suddenly, I really want to go. I almost feel like I need to go. To live that experience.

The inner jew in me is thankful that a year must pass before the next Burning Man, and I can remember all the reasons why I have not gone in the first place. Survival skills, desert, heat, sun, survival skills, sunburn...

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