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Something that isn't said enough

I gotta tell ya, work has been kicking my ass from wall to wall. When I leave for the day, I feel like I've been used up. Tired. Exhausted. When I get home, I fucking collapse.

Between the 9 PM conference call last night, the 8 AM conference call this morning... the multiple client presentations all week long, 5 projects due, another client calling randomly telling us to jump... and we can just reply how high...

I'm beat!

So I came home, and put on A&E. Knights of the South Bronx. One of those films showing the has nots kicking the ass of the has.

And I cried. I cried, and I cried.

DAMN that felt good.

We don't celebrate that enough. Sometimes that cry is all you need.

I feel energized again. Thanks emotional A&E movie!

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