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It's amazing how easy it is to commute when the subways are working. Hot damn.

I must admit, I got off lucky this week. After my one trek on Tuesday, the remainder of the week saw me getting into a car with fellow employees north of the 96th st. cut-off. We even got a mention on the front page of yesterday's Journal News, which is the daily newspaper for Westchester.

I'm in today despite the company being closed - gonna get a few things done.

Had a happy visit from rightkindofme last night. It looked as if she and eisa hit it off. I love it when my friends like each other. Good stuff.

Life with the Puppy Monster in my house is actually really cool. I enjoy having him around. This is NOT to say I will ever own a dog myself. I enjoy having the Puppy Monster largely because I don't have to take care of him. Selfish, yes, but such is life.

Been enjoying lots of snuggly evenings with eisa. Completely atypical of me to just want to sit and snuggle and talk and watch TV. *shrug* Maybe I'm getting older. More tired. I dunno. But, I like it.

Anyone else at work today? Let's keep each other entertained.

Oh, and most importantly, everyone should wish my Boston-twin contessagrrl  a most wonderful Happy Birthday. She's had one hell of a year, and deserves every possible bit of happiness today. I love you sis, and I miss you terribly.

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