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The animals have taken over.

My life has become a zoo. While eisa and I  had a lazy day, except for errands and a lovely visit from badfaggot, the animals have truly taken over the house.

I even have photographic evidence.

Above - Puppy Monster and Bearmeat get together to plot our demise.

Then there are the fishies. They will get their own post, but, let me just say this. In the past, I have thought my fish were crackheads. But... I was wrong. The fish I bought today have been described in one my fishie books like this - "This is a very active species that often swims up and down the glass sides of the aquarium for no apparent reason."

Ladies and gentlemen, please meet, while not a photo of mine, the clown loach.

I own two. They are flippin' nuts.

And in the words of badfaggot, "It's a good thing I don't own fish or I would never get anything done."

Happy holidays everyone. The Puppy Monster and the fish say hello.

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