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A New Year's Story

While there were no injuries or other damages reported during our New Years festivities, there was one goof-up that occurred that should be shared with everyone.


Equals what?


Yes, somehow, a pair of my handcuffs got locked to a knitted throw that our host owned. And, somehow, I used the wrong key when trying to open the cuff, which somehow trapped the key and wouldn't let it go. And the key somehow broke, so that a part of the key is still in the cuff, which is still attached to the throw.

And yes, the cuffs are pink. Like the picture above. Exactly like the picture above.

So, I get to carry a pink-handcuffed throw to a locksmith sometime soon and see if he can save both the throw AND the cuff.

Somehow, with all the stories the locksmith has heard, I bet they haven't heard this one.


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