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Here fishy fishy fishy!

It's a new year, and I'm in a new apartment, so it must be time for...



OK, I'm gonna admit it right up front. I'm a fish addict. Well... kind of. I have a new relaxed attitude about my fish. When I first got into the crack... er... hobby... I was obsessed. Testing my water twice a day for all kinds of chemical readings, crying when my temperature was too hot in my uneducated opinion... I was driving people (read: lolitasir) crazy.

Now, I'm much more chill about them. They're hardy, and my experience has found that racking my brain trying to maintain minute percentages was ridiculous. My fish are very happy with me, and I them.

So, back to the addiction. I used to have a 20 gallon tank. That tank was left in Brooklyn. Instead, I moved the fish into a brand new 29 gallon tank, which of course meant, more fish!

Oh, and I found I had a brand new space in the new apartment layout. So, of course, I had to buy another tank! A 5 gallon hex.

So, the contents:

29 Gallon
  • 1 King of the Hill Angel "Feed Me Now Bitch!" Fish
  • 5 Swarming "Ignore Him and He'll Go Away" Black Phantom Tetras
  • 1 "Hey, Where Did All My Friends Go?" Cory Cat (I used to own 5... now I own 1. I have no idea where the other 4 went.)
  • And the new occupants, 2 "I'm Swim Up The Walls Because I Can!" Clown Loaches
The Loaches are nuts. They are orange with black stripes, and just as much clowns as their name suggests. I love them!

5 Gallon
  • Two "Dude, I'm Glowing" Cardinal Tetras
    • Really pretty fish... with neon blue and pink stripes. They look just like neon tetras, but get this - neon tetras often succumb to the mysterious "Neon Disease," for which there is no clue. Bizarre.
  • And todays new purchase... a beautiful, red with white tail, blooming ploomage Male Siamese Fighting Fish, aka a Betta.
The 29 gallon stil needs a few more to feel complete. I wuv my fish!

More goofy adventures to come, I am sure.


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