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Mid-Atlantic Leather 2006

After looking back at a whole bunch of event posts I have made on LJ over the past 5 years, I noticed that I almost always use the word "fucking" in them... and always in a very exuberant fashion.

So you'll please excuse my lack of originality when I say what a fucking great time this weekend was!

I'd be remiss if I didn't start this out by saying what a strange weekend this was. You see, this was the first time I have ever attended MAL without my sis, lolitasir. And, it was her first MAL missed since she started(?) attending in 1993. To say I missed having her is quite the understatement. And with everyone asking me where she was, it was certain she would be in my thoughts all weekend long.

But, I am happy to report I survived.

To give a run down of the entire weekend would take a very long time, and would make this an excessively long post, so I'll spare you and me. But, here are some of the highlights:

  • Quality time with my roommate, Michael H. I am such a lucky boy to have been able to spend so much time with Michael. We did 3 meals alone together, and several more with friends. We talked, and shared stories, and revealed more about each other than we ever knew. Friendship rocks.
  • Quality time with bostontim. Again, quickly growing to become one of my best friends, definetely a favorite play partner. I was asked this weekend if we were a couple, which I think was one of the sweetest things I have heard. Thank you for hanging out with me so much... I really felt like we were a team. And of course, our scene was a blast (thank you Sir... *wink*)
  • Quality time with slave_pug. I have this habit of going to a predominently men's weekends and walking away knowing that many men doubt my taste for the male gender due to the amount of time I spend with pug. And every year, I immedietely exclaim to anyone who wants to hear - I just don't fucking care. Sunday night in the lobby was downright magical. When you can stand in a lobby packed to the gills with hundreds of leathermen, and then all of a sudden, amongst the sounds of electrical crackling and singletails breaking the sound barrier, the world melts away and there is no one but me and her... incredible. I treasure every minute.
  • Meeting the LA Boys of Leather. What a great bunch of guys! (warning - Boymeat's biased opinions ahead.) This is one of the first groups I've seen since the very beginnings of the DC Boys that truly live my opinion of what a leatherboy really is. Youthful energy, rambunctionness, respect, and daringness to do anything, and be anything. Hot fucking damn. And here I thought I'd given up on that part of my life.
  • More Boston connections! Had my first scene with eric_mathgeek. Woo-hoo! Definetely not a one-night-stand. Oh yeah. Hot.
  • Fucking with a Boston bootblack all weekend long (not sure if I can call out her name here, so, anonymous it is. But, I think that's hot too.) Taught the joys of foot torture, and bra-whippings. Yes, I said bra. Laugh now, but know that it hurt like a motherfucker. Good times, yo. Good times.
  • Breaking my out-of-state rule. Usually, my rule is that I never play with NYCers out of state, unless I am in a relationship with them. I broke that rule this weekend at the Saturday night men's play party, and I'm glad I did. A new play partner, and a scene originally planned to make amends on a debt (he carried home my magazines and stored them for 3 months, and he asks me for a flogging in return... ha!) Haven't gone two-handed with a flogger for quite some time. Looking forward to knowing I will again someday. Sometimes, numbness in your arm is a sign of good things. *laughing*
  • Uniforms, electrical toys, hood, and my first gas mask. My wallet may be empty, but I and many others will be very happy for a long long time.
  • OK, got to tell this story - I'm with bostontim at the Fort Troff booth as he tries on a rubber gladiator kilt. I look at the Russian gas masks they have and try one on just to be a goofball. The vendor who is helping Tim comes over to me and casually blocks of the breathing tube. After a few moments,  I am left pulling the gas mask off and gasping for air. I turn to the salesman, look him straight in the eye and exclaim "You fucker." And then head straight for the cashier. Bastard.
  • Good conversations with friends, hearing compliments, getting work done, and actually observing the 5-2-1 rule pretty damn closely. (OK, I broke one of those provisions during a few days, but the people I were with were VERY appreciative for that. I love the dirty minds that come out at these things.)
  • Rainchecks with qnetter.
Whew! 'Til next year!


Jan. 17th, 2006 02:14 pm (UTC)
OK, that needs to be adjusted for leather events.

Five strong cocktails (or good cocks, your choice.)
Two hours of sleep.
And for you, at least one sexy foot per day.