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South Plains Review

I think I'm done with meetings today. Until the TES meeting. But that is a different kind of meeting. Achem. Moving on.

Was in Dallas this past weekend for South Plains Leatherfest. Last year, this event was great time.

This year, the event fucking rocked.

I taught two classes this year. What is eventful about that was that last year, I was basically a substitute teacher. Someone pulled out, so I got pulled in. This year, I was invited from the get-go. Pretty darn cool.

I taught my Surviving Corporal 101 class, which is really my Johnny Appleseed class. I want to spread it all across the nation. Great attendance, great energy, and a record-topping 5 bottoms that included current relationships, friends, family members, etc.

The other class I taught was my "Family Role Play" class. It is actually called Incest Role Play, but the organizers felt the need to change it. I don't mind, it is a volatile topic. Hell, it was banned in two cities already (both Black Rose and Boston's FFF had to cancel it at the last minute because of hotel staff getting uneasy.) 15 people, all interested. I was nervous being this was the first time in over a year... probably more... that I taught it.

Traveling with my sis, lolitasir, is by far and away the best way to travel. I love to go to events, but they are never complete unless we are side-by-side.

Spent quality time with luna_littleone. I missed her a lot, and it was nice to have her at my side again. It was cooler to see all my friends get along with her.

Finally, finally played with domn8dlady. It was a long time coming, and a blast was had. Revenge will be mine over a certain hog-tied hog.

I had fun with julian_wolf. Not sure what I can reveal here, so I won't. Lots of fun... and possible inspiration for a future post.

And... I met a boy. A really really cute, hot, scrumptious boy. And I'm gonna have him again. (not sure what I can reveal here, again...) I'll let him reveal himself... but this was definetely not a one-night only deal.

The best? Spending time with my leather family and the extended network of cousins-of-sorts. I am the only bio-male in my family, and most of those close to us are dykes. How I manage to fit in is extradorinary. It is so natural for all of us to spend time together. Maybe it is because I keep my dick in my pants. Most of the time, anyway... ;-)

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