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And the Academy Award goes to...

Hi. I just want to thank the Academy for the opportunity to blog about this important event... achem. Sorry, got carried away there for a second.

eisa and I sat down to watch the Oscars last night. Well, kind of. She isn't really into the Oscars, so I caned her while I watched the Oscars. That is what I call the effective use of comprimise in a relationship.

I was like most of you and hoping for a Brokeback sweep. I will say that after hearing the theme music 1 bazillion times last night, my predicition was correct - I heard the theme in my dreams. I imagine it will plague me all through the day.

I thought it was unfortunate that the script writers couldn't figure out the proper vocabulary for describing Felicity Huffman's role in Transamerica. Come on Bruce Vilanch, you write for The Advocate, for pete's sake! Read your own magazine and get the lingo right! Sheesh.

Finally - a rare fashion stab by Boymeat. I know, I know, he who lives in a glass house and all that... but really, what the hell was sitting on Charlize Theron's shoulder? It was bigger than her head.

Were any of you as disapointed in Jon Stewart as I was? I was hoping for more. Though, the Bjork getting shot by Dick Cheney line was pretty cool.

Edit: One more thing. Did anyone else come to the conclusion that the Academy thought that Memoires of a Geisha was a beautiful film that sucked?

OK, I think I'm done now.

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