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Boymeat masquerades as an environmental activist

Yesterday, I went a-wandering the streets of Soho with companions eisa and regyt. We had a lot of fun popping in and out of funky Soho stores, and kept the smiles on even when I was denied trying on the HAWT pair of Oakley's (!!!) boots that I covet.

Alas, it comes in women's sizes only, and they had nothing larger than a woman's 9.5. Too small for my not-so-manly men's 9. And the website shows it only up to size 10. This time, it would appear I will be denied.

We went to visit one of my favorite store windows in Soho, Evolution. Inside we went, one of the few times I have actually stepped into the store after all these years. My copatriots and I were fascinated by all the dead things... and I was disturbed by the freeze dried rats (not on the website, or I would have showed you it.) Lots of stuff, some cool, some curious, some weird... but then I happened upon another item.

Coral. They had quite a bit of authentic coral for sale. Now, acute readers will know that I am a fan of the fishies. And others might not know that I am a reader of National Geographic, and try to stay aware as best as I could on some of the larger issues. I know this - the coral reefs amongst the world are in TERRIBLE shape, dying off in frightening rates. So, to find coral for sale kind of alarmed me.

regyt pointed out all the dead coral she found on the beaches of Israel when she was there, so we both hoped that this was the case... find coral on the beach, take it, and sell it. Not a problem in my book. So we asked the friendly man upstairs - is their coral found, or harvested? He didn't know, dialed downstairs to one of his co-workers, and we hear back on the speakerphone, "Don't buy it. By doing so they are killing the ecology. They are harvested. Buy it if you think it is pretty, I suppose." Or something to that effect.

I was shocked! Here, they KNOW the damage they are doing by selling such products, yet, it's for sale anyway? The reason? The owner buys them.

So, after my long tale, here is my point of action.

The Evolution Store
120 Spring Street
New York,  NY  10012
United States
Tel: 800-952-3195
Fax: 212 343-1815

Do send them your e-mails, phone calls. Ask them to remove the coral from their inventory and to never allow such products to be sold again. For a company devoted to the history of life on earth, and then turn around and contribute to the death of current life... yuck.
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