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Score one for the home team

Another great weekend. I could get used to this.

On Saturday, it was road trip time. Headed south with eisa, with a lovely train ride leading into an even more lovely ride with njlexi. Lexi gave us a tour of old 19th century houses that were beautiful, and I fixed her house number sign. I even tied a square knot doing so! (Yes, this is big for the no-rope Boymeat.) We listened to good music and had great conversation while eisa worked on kitting a cane case for herself.

Knitting is a cult. I will not get sucked in, yet I am surrounded by knitters. Cult, I tell you. Cult.

I had two wonderful scenes Saturday night. eisa and I played hard - something we haven't done in too long. Her blood was just begging to be released, and my cane was more than happy to do the job. When one voyeuring person leaves the room mid-scene exclaiming, "OK, I must go. I'm so horny now," well, you just have to smile.

Then I had a hot scene with The Boy. I wrote about The Boy in my SPLF post. It was good to see him, and meet his partner. One always gets nervous after a great meeting - Was it just the energy in the air then? Will I still be attracted to this person? Will they?

I'm happy to report that after our second time, we do like each other a lot. More blood was spilled, and The Girl met The Boy, and The Girl and The Boy like each other too. Fabulous.

I will probably never capitalize boy and girl again. That was annoying. *laughing*

Happy Monday everyone.
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