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Frolicon through names

I'm at work today, and it is a real struggle to keep my attention focused. My mind is still a swirl of images and memories from the weekend. Too many to list, way more estatic experiences than I can even comprehend.

Highlights, if we can even say that...

The posse. My god. lolitasir and I managed to put together a most amazing group of individuals to take over the world with. They included:
  • katestine - 'Nuff said. Actually, no. A little more. It was wonderful traveling with her again. Much fun was had.
  • taliakit - A newbie to SM only 6 months ago, now verified to be one of the biggest play pigs I have come across. When we sufficiently turned her into a walking bruise, and there was nothing left to hit/torture, she started topping. Fantastic.
  • feyrieprincess - Someone who has been a large part of my life, and went missing only to be found again last year. I'd say she left her impression on many. (Her LJ isn't active at all, but, there ya go.)
  • fetishcuriosity - A gift from the south that wound up at my door not too long ago. lolitasir and I tag-teamed her in a great big scene that stopped people in their tracks and caused at least one person to hang-up on their phone call to watch.
  • New guy - not on LJ, alas. A man who had been going to Fantasm/Frolicon for 5 years, but never explored the kink end of it. While at first we were suspicious of his intent, he turned into the most natural service submissive we have seen in a long time, and was a delight to be around. Introducing him to the world of kink was a pleasure.
Our crew pulled people in at times, or had orbitting satellites. It was fun bringing people along for the ride.

The play I had. Wow. It included:

My now annual scene with pallidbat. Her boyfriend and I have made a pact for her and I to have an annual scene at Fantasm/Frolicon. Also a part of the tradition is her trying something new each time. Last year, it was... well... everything, I believe. Caning for sure. This year? Singletails. Next year... who knows.

A lovely scene with a lovely man. I have what appears to be a little pack of groupies in Atlanta, who go to all of my classes whether or not they are interested in the topic. One of them finally worked up the courage to ask me to play. He had never tested his flogging limits, so we decided to see how far down the path we could take him. I'd argue that heroin pales in comparison to the high he was on afterwards. Very hot.

Introducing stun guns to my stalker, mistresslego.

A delicious scene with shdwkitten. She and her pet emrys_nc are just delightful. Their animalistic selves are amazing to watch, and I decided to sit in on their class. They did a great job, and I hope to have them up in our area. She and I had a nice dance in the dungeon which also amusingly caused a NCSF rep to threaten me. Fun!

There is more, much more. But it is so hard to list them all. As I think about the weekend, images flare in and out. To anyone not mentioned in this post, please do not feel slighted. It's just so hard to write this without it turning into a book chapter!

Thank you thank you thank you to redwitch and nakedshelli for having me and lolitasir there.

There are people in the northeast that MUST attend this event next year (staring directly at kkkkkkkkat, high4tower, msgarnet, contessagrrl, spike, msdaisy, deirdre, sirkenandsubg, among others.)
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