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A post about honorifics

I have never been one to demand the use of honorifics. It is very rare that I have requested the use of a certain word or phrase... except perhaps for the use of the term Daddy. I can probably count the amount of times I have asked someone to call me Sir on one or two hands.

It is just not my way. I've never felt that I could make the determination as to when someone should use that particular term for me. As if, by doing so, I would be pompous instead of deserving. So I let others dictate how they should address me, based on their own comfort levels. In the end, I really have no preference either way - dominant or submissive, I still prefer to be viewed as Phil/Boymeat, and not some contrived archetype.

I write this because I am experiencing a strange phenomenon where more people are actively and voluntarily calling me Sir. In the past, some have taken that personally - that the ability to call me Sir was a granted right, and thus others doing it caused them pain. I never saw it that way - instead, I saw that it was based on the individual's comfort level, with their contruct of etiquette and behavior. I never saw any problem with it.

But it does strike me as odd that I get called Sir so often now. I do not consider myself a particularly skilled dominant. Yes, I admit that I excel at hitting people, and I have a fair amount of experience in bringing someone along a mental trip... but to inspire submission? To be honest, I have always been surprised when someone decided to give me such gifts voluntarily.

I had a playdate with someone at Frolicon. She and I had not spoken face-to-face, nor played, since the Fantasm the year before. And that was our first ever meeting. Yet, as soon as she saw me, we embraced, and she said "Hello Sir." It made me pause, and finally inquire why she used such a term. She responded, "I've been reading your journal long enough to know to call you Sir."

I will admit, I will never understand just what people see in me. But, I appreciate what I have, and I consider myself the luckiest son of a bitch on the planet. These individuals honor me, and make me blush at times. I can only hope I return even a shred of the value they place in me.
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