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A long long time ago, I helped a woman who passed out on the same subway car I was riding in. I worte a LJ post about it... but I'm not going to search for it.

Happened again this morning. Standing on the 14th St. platform waiting for the 1 train to arrive, when the 2 pulls in. Out comes a woman stumbling, holding her forehead. She's walking ragged, swaying, bumps into a woman who incredibly just angrily shruggs her off!, and then sways some more. I run over to see if she is OK, just in time to catch her arm while she drops to her knees.

There are all these guys standing in front of us, so I shout for one of them to go up and get medical help. They LAUGH, laugh!!!! And then get into the next fucking train! I couldn't believe it. Finally, some woman went up, and the station clerk came running down. I sat with the girl, making sure no one stepped on her, and talked to her. Waived off the countless people peering in for a closer look. Fifteen minutes later, we have 4 firemen, 2 cops, and 2 paramedics.

Held the girls hand, and then went off on my merry way.

She told me she was going to jury duty. I mentioned that passing out was probably the better option. Despite the clouds in her head, she looked at me and smiled.


May. 17th, 2006 05:08 am (UTC)
It is good that you had the clarity of purpose to look out for someone who was unable to take care of herself like that. What is with people laughing and slow response from authorities? From her behavior, she could have been drugged or exposed to something that should have gotten prompt attention. You have a point about the subways, as one of my collegues passed out on the commuter rail in DC and had to go to the emergency room, but it turned out to be the onset of flu that laid him low.