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I am beat!

Had to tromp around Boston today for work, to look at silly things for a client for an idea that will never happen. Actually, I think that was the purpose of today. To walk around Boston and look at things and say, nope, this will never happen.


Traveled on the Orange Line from Stony Brook to State St. Tromped around downtown Boston in the middle of pouring rain, scribbling away at a notepad, having people look at me funny. Walked all around downtown, going as far south as Chinatown, back up, out to Boston Harbor, back again, took a cab to South Station, walked through Chinatown, took the Orange Line to Back Bay, tromped to Copley Square, walked around some more.

Sat and ate.

Walked through Copley Square, back to Back Bay, onto the Orange Line to Stony Brook.

And now I sit. And take off my boots. And pass out.


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