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Rivulets of life? Or just plain ole raunch?

Some people will be disgusted to read what I am going to say. Some people will become especially excited. I believe I write this for the both of you (I'm such a libra.)

Our office building's AC has been non-functional for a week now. And today, it is still hot as a furnace. My office is nowhere near any window (though I hear that might be changing this week... yay!!!!) Thus, even with a fan on, I am dying of the heat. Dying I tell you.

Sweat is dripping all over my forehead and chest. I can feel the occasional rivulet snake its way down my hairy chest, over my belly, and down below.

Of course, this could also be due to some photos of a certain minx that came into my e-mail box. There are definetely days in which I do not hate my life.

Did I mention sweat? Dripping? Yep.

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