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Hee hee!!!!!

Guess what I ordered today?

It's a Dahon Espresso. The bike folds in half on a hinge in the middle that locks into place when I'm riding. It's probably a little overkill for me, seeing as it has 21 speeds, but... it will fold up and fit in my closet while not looking dorky like most of the Dahon line. I sat on a 20 frame, and it was a bit too big for me, so we're going with the 18. The bike should be here by Thursday... I can't wait!

I'm so excited to start riding it up and down Riverside Park. I might even try commuting to work on it once in a while... we'll see. I haven't ridden a bike since god knows when, so I imagine there will be some weeble-wobbleness to me at first.

My local bike shop hosts this guy Terry Chin, who runs tours for the Five Borough Bicycle Club (5BBC). He offers bike classes out of the shop. $92 for 3 sessions, $36 for one. I'm contemplating taking the one session course just to see what he talks about. Bikers - what do you think?

This is so exciting. Woo!!!


Jun. 3rd, 2006 07:59 pm (UTC)
bike classes are good. you learn things like how not to die. and how to fix a flat and stuff... Handy.