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It's as if I willed it to happen.

Back in April, I hosted a discussion at the 10th Leather Leadership Conference on Edge Play - Natural Progression or Dangerous Trend.

One of the things we discussed in the class was the recent phenomonen of SM players and presenters trying to leap frog one another to become known as the edgiest around. I have personally watched famous, national level presenters sit in on other "edge play" topics so see what bar they will have to beat. Every year the topics get crazier and crazier at events.

Now, I'm not one to say someone shouldn't play the way they want to. Not at all. But, what's your motivation? To have a great scene with your partner? Or to use the scene for your own fame/notoriety?

Then I get word of this. The Denver Sactuary, which bills itself as membership organization that also hosts play parties, is actually hosting a contest to see who is the edgiest.

I'm incredulous. What are the parameters? The most people turning their faces away? The tighest walk on the line between needing paramedics or not? How in the fuck is something like this going to be judged?

And for pete's sake... why?! Is there really a reason to compete to be the craziest on the block? What happened to doing SM because it is in our soul. What happened to doing SM for the shared experience with our partners. What happened to doing SM to feel a connection to the inner self. What happened to doing SM because it gets us the fuck off.

Do we really need fame and notoriety and being labeled fucking insane as a motivator???

Sometimes, I really wonder about where this scene is headed...

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