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And now for something completely different...

Today was a landmark day for me. After buying Bikemeat, and having only rode it three times, I decided to take the challenge - commute to work via bike.

It was the longest I have ever ridden in my entire life. I believe 5 miles, if I did the math right.

And it was fun! Actually... kind of relaxing. It was quiet, hardly anyone out there. Me, a bunch of joggers, maybe a dozen other bikers. Other than that, nothing but the air and the quiet and the traffic riding along side me and the ducks in the water.

Legs definetely started burning once I hit the 30's. I imagine going home will be tougher - there is an uphill climb when I get closer to my neighborhood. Other than that, the ride is nice and flat.

But, I made it. And in only 10 minutes longer than it would have taken me to ride the subway.

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