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Manilow/Daggy Music 1, Hoons 0

This one goes out especially to eric_mathgeek.

From The Week:

"SYDNEY -  Cheesy music deployed: A Sydney suburb has begun blasting Barry Manilow hits to ward off hooligans. Young drag racers, known as hoons, have been loitering in a central parking lot, revving their cars and intimidating patrons of a nearby restaurant. City councilors in Rockdale hope that the sappy sounds of Manilow's 70's ballads will solve the problem. 'Daggy music is one way to make the hoons leave,' said Councilor Bill Saravinoski. 'They can't stant it.' Manilow's hits include 'Copacabana,' 'Mandy,' and 'I Write the Songs.'"

See more from the BBC here.

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