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The cutting.

There are so many things to talk about when it comes to TES Fest. One of the most special to me was my cutting.

I have a family cutting on my right arm. I posted about it when it was first done oh so long ago. It was designed to be a memorial for my Poppa Bear, Bear Thunderfire. Designed by my Mommy Cara, it is an abstract design depicting a fallen angel.

The first time it was done, all of the members of my leather family joined in on it. Everyone had a cut. Since then, it has been recut several times - sometimes just by my sis Lolita, sometimes by my Momma Bear Sharrin Spector and my Uncle Nikko Boy.

The last time it was done, we put green tattoo ink into it. This was last year.

This time, we decided to put in the purple. Purple and green are my family colors.

It was an amazing experience. Sunday night in the concrete dungeon. My Momma Bear sitting on my right, scalpel in hand. Lolita and my slave Sarah sitting directly in front of me. To my left, a revolving assortment of leather family and cousins and friends. Energy swirling around. Lolita's and my eyes locked together - just as they were a day before during her own cutting.

And then the first cut. Fire shoots up and down my arm. Tickles my brain while warming my crotch. All the nerve endings come alive with the cold hard metal's intrusion. Slice after slice... I felt as if I was getting fucked with the blade. Looking at my sis, my slave, my momma bear.

I moaned. I screamed. I laughed.

People would walk by and stop. Drawn in by either the sounds pouring from my mouth, or the crowd, or the blood being spilled.

Blood was definetely spilling.

I can't really recall how long the cutting lasted. At least two hours. Somewhere in the middle, I came. The sensations brought on by the scalpel, vibrating deep inside of me, brought out such a burst of endorphins and energy that I actually came. An internal orgasm... no shooting, my dick didn't even need to be involved. My whole body came alive, my mouth open breathing in the sweet air flavored by the scents of my sweat and blood.

I can feel the tingling in my arm right now. The cutting, all purple from the ink, slowly healing. The wounds drinking in the ink, making a mark that will last forever.

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