Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,

Coming back up for air...

Ah... life has finally settled down somewhat. Thank god for small miracles.

Been busy shopping for a tuxedo. What a horrible experience! My crackhead boss (who is a gay man living in a VERY wealthy area of Connecticut), knowing how little I make, seriously suggested to go to Brooks Brothers for my tux, saying, and I quote, "you'll only spend a dollar more." Well, that was the first and last time in quite some time trying on a $900 dollar tuxedo. Dear lord... I felt like just moving an inch in that would have cost me my soul. *shuddering*

So, net net, it looks like I'm either buying or renting from Today's Man. Not a faaaabulous tuxedo, but a decent one. Of course, the other option is to take the plunge and buy one off the internet. I can get packages, with the brand names that I have been trying on all day, for VERY cheap online. But, I'm scared shitless over that prospect... anyone have any experience in this?

Tonight I have a date with Kate. Yay! Its been so long since her and I have had a true date to ourselves. With everything that has been going on, it is important for us to ground ourselves together. I love her very much... and tonight I going to show her how much. (Now where did I put that razor-blade tipped flogger... hmmm...)

Really looking forward to the trip up to Boston, despite me having to wear a tuxedo. Quality time with close friends... and one way or another, meeting a special creature that recentely entered the world. Tres cool.

Thank you to everyone who had such kind and heart-filled words. I love you all... without friends like you, I don't know where I'd be. Thank you.

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