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Sex meets Soho... and the wallets run for cover.

What is that you are looking at? A bracelet? Good guess... but nope. An anklet? No, not that. A collar? Way too small.

It's a cock ring. More specifically, it's a "Tension Set Cock-Ring with 5MM Cubic Zirconia" that is being sold at a sex boutique in Soho called Kiki De Montparnasse. The cost? Only $795!

I was amazed to find fancy gold, silver, platinum, and jeweled vibrators, all costing a healthy bit over the $100 mark. Or how about the "Hand Sculpted Obsidian Glass Diletto" for $1,750.

Sex and kink has hit the fashion boutique. The rich can finally get off.

I can't wait to actually walk into this store myself. Looks like fun.

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