Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,


Home from Ohio Leatherfest. Had a great time. Was especially wonderful to have the amazing boy_wonderwolf serving me. Add along my two roomies, lolitasir and brjulia... really, how could a good time NOT be had?

Congrats go out to trouble841 for another great year in Ohio. You done good.

My life, however, is about to go into quite the phase.

While I was in Ohio, my father went into the hospital on Friday. To avoid any retellings of the story, here it is: he has had an open infection in the heel of his foot for quite some time now caused by a diabetic ulcer. Last week we discovered that things had taken a turn for the worse, and they feared that the infection had gone to the bone. Into the one of the best hospitals in the city, and he was operated on today to clear out some of the infection.

The surgery went well, however... he still has only a 25% chance of saving his entire leg.

This... this is not good.

I will be crazed all week long going from work to the hospital and back. So, don't expect to hear too much from me.

I know you are all with me... please, no I'm sorry's. I need to focus on the work I have to do.

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