Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,

Update for all.

Normally, I don't write full details about what is happening medically in my families life. I am doing so now for a selfish reason - so I don't have to retell the story over and over again.

Went to see Dad tonight, and also spoke at length with his doctor when I got home. The surgery on Sunday was a quick, 1-hour bit under local anasthesia to get rid of some of the infection and dead tissue. He will have another of these surgeries on this coming Friday.

In the meantime, he is on heavy antibiotics throughout his stay. Sometime soon... possibly this weekend or Monday, he will be transfered to a rehabilitation center (read: nursing home light.) He will stay there for 4-6 weeks, where he will have 24/7 antibiotics through an IV. Once a week, he will return to the hospital for progress checks. He will also probably have several additional operations like the two mentioned above.

There is still a great risk of losing his foot or leg. The infection is that bad.

I feel somewhat better because there is a plan in place, with a time table. I feel confident that the doctors are doing everything in their power to avoid amputation.

I am nervous about picking the facilitiy. It must be close enough to my Mother for her to get there easily, so my Dad isn't so lonely. It also must be a great facility, one that I can trust. Hopefully, I will have assistance in picking one out.

I am also very freaked out over the potential need to do some serious contingency planning. A part of me feels like I have been given hope and respice from these major life-impacting decisions. Another part of me wonders if I need to plan for the inevitable.

Doing so means confronting possibilities and questions that I really, really, really want to avoid.

It sucks knowing that these decisions must be made by me. That when it all comes down to it, it is my call, and my life that will be the most impacted.

I've never quite felt this mixture of hope and fear all at once. I don't like it.

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