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Today might be the first time in a while that I actually work a full day without bolting out early.

I feel better today. Yesterday I almost broke down several times. Had to excuse myself to go outside and have a cigarette so I could avoid crying in front of my father. I'm sure the exhaution played a role in my emotional outbursts. It was also hard to put him into a nursing home. Logically, I know that he is only there for short term rehab, and not everyone is there for long-term care... but... still... the majority of people who enter never move back home. It was hard seeing my relatively young father surrounded by folks much older.

I hate the 34th street station on the B/D/F/V line. The red colors, the subdued lighting. It's very depressing.

Conversely, I love the new little dioramas in the 42nd Street/Time Square station. Especially the ones found while exiting the Q/N/R/W platform and going upstairs. Each depicts a little slice of life in NYC. They are done in a jovial, almost art deco style. They make me smile.

With my father in Coney Island, I won't be visiting as much during the week. Too long of a haul. So tonight, I get a special treat in seeing lolitasir. I can't wait. I love my sis so much... she balances me. It's been way too long since we spent time together, and I need her. I need her hugs. I need her presence.

I won't be going to Inferno this year. Between the logistics, and the timing, and my father, it was best to bow out. I might try to pull off a more manageable weekend at Dark Odyssey.  If I can pull off the funds and timing. Maybe even bring a friend.

I miss dahling.

I wish I could say I was looking forward to sleeping in this weekend, because I know for a fact it ain't happening. I'll probably go visit my father on Saturday, and I might need to take our car in for service. On Sunday, we have my grandmother's gravestone unveiling. So, now I get to deal with my entire other side of the family. Who are, as a collective group, idiots. Especially one uncle in particular. I will not put up with his aggressive behavior this weekend. Especially when I have so much steam to let out.

Oh yeah, TES elections are coming up. I'm not voting for 007. That much is certain. If he does wind up taking on a representative position for TES, I will have to a lot of thinking. I do not believe he deserves to be nor should be a representative of this organization.

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