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Literary escapism.

As mentioned in a previous post, my grandmother's tombstone is to be unveiled tomorrow. Thus, I am currently at my parents' place in Brooklyn, already in the presence of one of my extended relatives. The unfortunate part is that the side of the family I am and will be surrounded by tomorrow are raging moronic monkeys who constantly war with each other over the most amazingly simplistic things. My patience is already very thin, and it will be a wonder if I make it through tomorrow without either my voice shouting out with much anger or having to choke back the instinct of performing horrible violence on them.

Really, it is that bad.

So, I try to create my own escapes. Luckily, I brought my iPod and a fabulous book with me. One of my favorites, in fact... Catch-22 by Joseph Heller.

I would like to share a little passage with you now that is filling me with joy.

A little background - Lieutenant Scheisskopf is obsessed with parades, and has just won the ultimate parade competiton prize.

"That Lieutenant Scheisskopf," Lieutenant Travers remarked. "He's a military genius."

"Yes, he really is," Lieutenant Engle agreed. "It's a pity the schmuck won't whip his wife."

"I don't see what that has to do with it," Lieutenant Travers answered cooly. "Lieutenant Bemis whips Mrs. Bemis beautifully every time they have sexual intercourse, and he isn't worth a farthing at parades."

"I'm talking about flagellation," Lieutenant Engle retorted. "Who gives a damn about parades?"

Who gives a damn, indeed. Bravo, Mr. Heller.

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