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My FUNNY 9/11 tribute post.

I wanted to avoid all the sappiness that comes along with 9/11 tributes. I wrote enough in 2002... go digging if you want it.

So, like many of you, I avoided all of the memorials like a plague.

But, I just remembered something... so this I would like to share.

My favorite thing to do involving the World Trade Center towers was include them in tours for out of town guests. I would bring them to the towers... have them go ooooooh and aaaahhhhh.

Then I'd instruct them to walk up to the tower. Right up close so that their nose would be practically touching the exterior. Then, I would have them look up to try to see the roof.

Invariably, they would suddenly find themselves on their asses. Near perfect results. Hee!

OK, so I was a bit of an asshole to my college friends. :-)

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