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Overheard in NYC or call to NYPD?

I just got threatened in front of my work building. For a cigarette.

I'm standing, reading a magazine, minding my own business while smoking a cigarette before getting lunch. A dirty-looking man on a bicycle rolls up to me.

Man - "Gimme a cigarette."
Me - "No."
Man - " Why not?"
Me looking increduosly - "Because this is my last one."
Man - "Bullshit. I see your pack in your pocket."
Me pissed off - "Tough shit."
Man - "Yeah? Maybe I should throw you against the wall and break your skull? Huh? Maybe I should run over your shoes with my
bicycle. Then you'd be wishing you gave me a cigarette."
Me - "Yeah, I bet I would."

I threw my cigarette away and walked into the restaurant.

Unbelieveable. I didn't know I had an obligation to give a cigarette to anyone who asks.

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