Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,

Week in review

I've been really busy since I last updated. So, here is a quick rundown of where I've been.

On Thursday night, I flew out to San Jose to attend SMOdyssey's Folsom Fringe Event. I was invited out by my favorite west coast triad, piercing_wit, valkyrieschains and Jen Who Is Not On LJ (silly girl.) They are an incredibly generous, wonderful bunch who made me feel very welcome.  I was flown out to teach my Surviving Corporal 101 class, and also for other purposes. More on those other purposes soon.

Since I was going out to California, I figured this would be a perfect opportunity to get to know one of my LJ friends a little bit more. I invited gcuvier out to escort me for the weekend, and what a wonderful decision that was. We had a grand ole time getting to know each other. It's always lovely to meet another like-minded friend. I am sure we have lots of adventures in store for us. Thank you for your company.

My class went especially well. It was a bit harrowing at first, as my Leather Daddy Faye attended... it was the first time she had ever seen me teach! I only made a few humilating verbal remarks during the class - just enough to provide her with amusement for a while. I had an amazing group of bottoms, which included my Uncle Monica. She's not a masochist. :-)

One of the highlights of the weekend was how many people think piercing_wit and I are twins. Not sure if I really see it, but I was highly amused by the amount of event staff who thought I was him.

As a part of me being flown out, Jen Who Is Not On LJ and I were to have another scene. The last time we had played, a challenge was issued. It was declared that her back could out last my arm and whip. She was wrong. Very wrong. So, she wanted to try again. Of course, this time, piercing_wit decided to upstage me and cut up her back before I could get to her. I guess Masters are allowed to do that. Grumble grumble. So, I singletailed the shit out of her chest and thighs. The scene probably went for a good hour... very hot.

There was another reason that I was flown out - one that I didn't even know about. You see, my twin piercing_wit is a hard ass sadist. Floggers, singletails, he throws them hard. But, he never really felt what he was dishing out. Plus, he never played with a man. Ah... a het top, just waiting to get switched. My kind of scene. valkyrieschains manuevered and dropped enough hints about me topping him that he eventually resigned to it - it was a foregone conclusion that he was going to go down. And go down he did. After we were done (silly man called me a pansy in the middle of the scene... tsk tsk tsk...), I asked if he was OK. "I don't know!" I asked if he had fun. "I don't know!" I asked if he would do it again. "I don't know!" I asked if he knew his name. "I don't know!" The boy was on Pluto.

He was the co-chair of Folsom Fringe. So of course, we did our scene smack in the middle of the public dungeon, when the party was hopping. This garnered lots of attention from folks who never saw him bottom, and surely not with a man. I hear there are a few San Jose het tops thinking they too could survive going down now. May the San Jose Switch Renaissance now begin.

One of the themes of the weekend was topping people who hadn't bottomed in a very long time. I feel very special that people show so much trust and have such genuine connections with me to immerse themselves back into the water with me.  I'm not sure if either of the individuals really want to be identified specifically here, so I won't. But what amazing times they were.

I was very happy to see tatnprcdfemme again. One of my "cousins" in the family, it was joy to reconnect. I really missed you.

On Sunday, we took the Odyssey bus to the Folsom Street Fair. This was my third Fair, and my 1st one without brehen. That made me a little sad. I saw lots of old friends, which I enjoyed. I seriously went to shop, but there was nothing that really caught my eye. I kept up my Folsom tradition by getting photographed by Mark Chester. He is an amazing photographer, and one hell of a nice guy. It was he who photographed the boot photo you see in my icon - taken at a previous Folsom. For some strange reason, he thought I was het all this time! Silly man. He took solo shots, and posed shots with me and gcuvier. I'll share some of the solo shots with you all when I get them.

Sunday night saw me at the House of Consent, where I had an amazingly special scene with my Uncle Monica. I also got to enjoy Daddy bringing me her 23-year old boi trick. They tried to go to bed, but the boi was too hyped to fall asleed. "Phil, beat the boi." And so I did.

Three hours of sleep later, I was on my way home, unfortunately crossing paths with dahling. I haven't seen her since I left for CA, and I miss her whole bunches. My bed is very empty. Wah. But I get her back tomorrow. Yay!

Finally, I got to enjoy some special time with kinkmogul last night. I like my new friends.

10 more hours. Eeek.

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