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A life measured in decades.

It's an interesting experience to admit to myself that I have been alive for three decades.

A lot of people probably think I've been putting way too much into this birthday. But, the number itself, 30, it is such a powerful number to me. I can easily put myself back into the shoes of the 19 year old, walking into TES that first time... 30 was so far off on the horizon, that it didn't seem real to me. An abstract concept.

Adulthood. Responsibility.

I suppose I'm should be a grown up now. Maybe. Then again... I had a conversation last night with an ex of mine. We hadn't talked in a long long time. She remarked on the amount of responsibilities I had in my teens... in my twenties... that amount I still shoulder. That maybe, my 30's will be a time to regress. To embrace my inner child.


I feel like this decade will be a powerful one for me. But, I suppose with such a long period of time, that goes without saying. And lord knows my life has never been boring.

Guess my James Dean fantasies are truly over. That's OK - I'm not into cars that much anyway.

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