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Clearly, the perfect evening.

If the rest of the decade acts like my first evening being 30, I'm in for a hell of a treat.

I was blessed by a large grouping of friends who gathered together for a birthday dinner. lolitasir hosted a wide array of characters that represented every single permutation along the kink/sexuality lines, and all of whom are wonderful friends. I'm the luckiest son of a bitch on the planet.

The night was made even more special by the return of dahling to my arms again after almost a week absense. That was a good thing.

And schwag. Oh man the schwag. My friends treated me like a Prince, and I have amazing presents. All of them reflecting me and who I am. My friends know me well. Large and small, expensive and not, each touched me deeply. I'm not really materialistic... well, that might be a lie... but anyway, I am not someone who feels presents are manditory. Instead, they are extra blessings... the icing on the cake when the real present is their company. I got to eat my cake icing and all.

And then the topper. At 12:02 AM, just a mere 2 minutes after my official birthday came to a close, my sister gave birth to a happy and healthy baby boy, making me an uncle cubed. I can't imagine any more perfect clincher to a perfect evening.

Tonight, the pajama birthday party at Paddles... er... I mean... the TES pajama party at Paddles. Hee!

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