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The short of the long of it.

A few closing commentaries from beautiful Arizona before I check out of my hotel, and then waste a lot of time until my red-eye back home. (I won't actually be wasting time... I'll be working. Blah.)

Last night, I managed to get over 2 dozen really tiny cactus barbs embedded in my hands.

It would appear that the main culprit was my butt brushing up against the cactus that produced the before mentioned barbs. Please don't ask me how that happened. (This means you, spike.)

My pants are now in the trash with many tiny barbs stuck in the seat of them.

A medical technician from the resort came to assist. He took a look at my hands, and handed me a roll of duct tape and tweezers. Yes, professorbird, tweezers.

I spent an hour last night in my hotel room using those two items. It sucked.

I still have barbs embedded in my hands. I am waiting for them to come to the surface so I can remove the unwelcome visitors.

I decided to cheer myself up by heading to the local casino for a little live-action poker.

I did very well. Very well indeed.

I am dumb, and came up with a horrible idea. I decided, since I am taking a red-eye, and usually cannot sleep on planes, I will pull an all-nighter and then sleep on the plane. So I played poker for a very long time.

I am now, really, really, fucking tired.

I am going to go take a 2-3 hour nap before checkout time. Pray I wake up.

In 24-hours, I will be reunited with dahling. This is something to look forward to, indeed.

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