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What is on Boymeat's mind?

I realize I've been kind of quiet on this thing except for small, immaterial items. I suppose I have just been living life. It has become strangely domesticated for me as of late... and I'm enjoying it immensely. Love, partnership, regularity, adventure... there are now things in my life that I feel I can rely upon... the music to sooth the beast within me.

And like many people do with things that are important to them, I have been keeping my feelings close to home. I don't want to make grand announcements, or mass tellings of my joys. I want to cherish them, savor them... share them in more meaningfull interactions with close friends.

It's at times like these that I realize just how many people read me. And in a strangely opposite direction than my sis, lolitasir, who has been sharing much more of her adventures on her blog, I have been keeping mine quiet. I kind of like it that way... for now.

But, my mind has been on a certain topic as of late. Mind you, these thoughts aren't neccessarily tied to any specific thing in my life, but more general thoughts that are floating out there for me.

I was reading an interview with Warren Beatty in this month's issue of GQ (gawd... I can't believe I just admitted that in public.) And something in it that Warren said struck me:

"Shoot. Your. Load. Because life ain't gonna wait. Believe me, I strung out on my adolescence for quite some time. But from the moment I met Annette, I knew. And I thought, Okay, I want this. The first time I had dinner with Annette, I asked her if she wanted to go to my house for dessert. She rolled her eyes and said okay. So there she is, in her sensible car, following me in my midlife-crisis two-seater Benz up to my house in the Hills. And when we get there, we're in my kitchen eating ice-cream, and I just say to her, 'Do you want to have kids with me?' And she says, 'Yes.' And I say, 'Are you serious?' She says 'I'm serious if you're serious.' And I say, 'Good, then...' And that's how it started. I knew. I just knew."

I've heard a lot of people tell me that they knew. On almost all occasions, I have preached patience. I told them to wait, and give it some time. Sometimes my advice proved me right. Other times, I was wrong. I too have felt in the past that I knew. Sometimes I was right... at the time, any way. Other times I was wrong. Once, I knew, but waited too long, and lost it. Once, I knew, but acted too quickly.

Who's to say when is the right time to act on your knowledge? There are no rules... no proven sages who have broken through the mysteries of love and relationships and timing order. A lot of people have claimed to hold the secrets... the cosmic schedule of turning relationships into daily life. Generally, these words from these sages are barely worth the paper they are printed on... if they could find the paper, that is.

Then again, who's to say it is knowledge? Maybe it's instinct... gut reaction. Or perhaps a brave action done by a stunt master... and only after the stunt is over will the people call him a stunning artist or a buffoon who got what was coming to him.

I don't know. I'm no sage. I'm just Phil.

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