Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,

So long 2002...

A mini year in review:

I learned this year that I really have friends... close, loved friends, who take all my love, and love me back. I gained comfort in my SM abilities... and now walk into a dungeon with poise and confidence.
I have people who enjoy playing with me, and I enjoy them.
I explored the realm of chicken hawking... and became even more akin to my big sis.
Relationships changed, but for the better... and all things have turned out positive.
New relationships have formed, and I am blessed.

My family is alive and well... medical concerns were defeated, and the 4 of us are closer than ever before.
Family detractors try to spoil our party... we won't let them.
My brother turned 18, god save the world... get ready folks, in a few years, he's gonna be a force to reckon with.
My nephew is beautiful, wonderful... I need to get closer to him.

I still have a job. Yay!

And almost 2 years later, Kate still loves me. And I love her.

Happy New Year friends. Here's to getting even closer in 2003. I love you all.

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