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Ebay woes

Oh great wise people of LJ... I summon you! Please, come help this foolish mortal in his plight.

I bought a CD set off of eBay (Led Zeppelin boxed set... great price!) The seller's description noted that some CDs were "lightly" scratched but still "playable." I figured, OK, that should be fine.


The first two CDs refuse to be ripped to my hard drive through iTunes. In fact, they basically crash the program. Most unfortunate.

So, what do I do now besides e-mailing the seller for being such a shithead? Is iTunes more sensitive? Would I have better luck ripping to MP3s with some other program and then simply copy paste the files to my iTunes library? Or, do those CD scratch fixer thingies really work?

Help me please, oh great seer of LJ. I am but a lowly servant begging for a smidgen of your great intelligence.

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